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Szkoła makijażu online trwa! Do końca roku będziemy się spotykać nie co miesiąc, jak zapowiadałam na początku, ale dużo częściej! Rozpoczynając od dziś, przed nami do końca roku prawie trzydzieści makijażowych spotkań pełnych praktycznej wiedzy, inspiracji i kosmetycznych nowości. W tym wpisie znajdziesz bezpłatny program nauki makijażu na cały rok – koniecznie zarezerwuj czas w swoim kalendarzu.

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Online makeup classes

During this hard coronavirus times I’ve decided to lead an online makeup classes on my Instagram account. This online makeup school for free won’t happen again! Check out the program and meet my guests!

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Available only in Polish

Sorry, this entry is only available in Polish. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language.

Czasami dostaję od was pytania, czy prowadzę warsztaty makijażu i jak takie spotkanie wygląda. Czy nie będzie dla was zbyt trudno, czy nie trzeba mieć do tego jakiś specjalnych umiejętności. Żeby poznać odpowiedzi na te pytania zobaczcie reportaż z warsztatów indywidualnych z Anią.

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How to develop your own style?

I had already told you about the mature woman make-up look but about..  image? Developing Mature Woman Image are the classes I had a great pleasure create and lead this year, on Jagiellonian University.

Occasional image, developing an image and autentity are one of the most important elements which allows you to feel good with yourself. What do you need to know about developing an image and how to feel comfortable with yourself?

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Nourishment of the atopic skin

Workshops are huge part of my daily work. I met a lot of women who are different types of beauty and have different ways to take care of their skin. When skin is more problematic, they need to find very individual nutrition way. We still don’t know everything about acupuncture or innovative methods of skin treatment. You ask me a lot of questions about problematic skin and skin illness and how to deal with it. In this post you can find my personal way how to develop your own method of skin care. ❤️

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(Polski) Kobiety Kobietom

Sorry, this entry is only available in Polish. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language.

Mówi się, że dzień kobiet jest wyjątkowym dniem w roku, przeznaczonym tylko dla nich. Robią tego dnia coś dla siebie, znajdują czas na odpoczynek, spotykają się i wspólnie świętują. Mój ostatni rok był bardzo “kobiecy”. Spotkałam na swojej drodze wiele różnych, damskich osobowości i to dzięki nim tak wiele się nauczyłam.

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Happy New Year!

 2018 was amazing year! Full of new adventures and challenges. I was travelling a lot, meeting new people and gaining invaluable make-up experience. My work is my biggest passion?

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Color your make-up look!

Color on TOP

Today is the last day of November and the snowy December is going closer and closer. Don’t forget about the catwalk inspirations. I was writing about color and furs which is going to be the most exciting trend also in make-up. Check out my make-up look photographed by Emil Kołodziej, of course at Artystyczna Alternatywa ! 🙂

Fot. Emil Kołodziej / Szkoła Wizażu i Stylizacji Artystyczna Alternatywa w Krakowie

Color in bridal make-up

The very common thing is to avoid colors in the bridal make-up. Why is that? Color is the main thing in make-up generally. You can’t be afraid of color – trust your make-up artist and choose the one which is best for you.

Fot. Emil Kołodziej / Szkoła Wizażu i Stylizacji Artystyczna Alternatywa w Krakowie

Color in photographic make-up

There is no rules in this kind of make-up! Pink shadows which you see at the photos is the INGLOT pigment powder. It seems to be very intensive but remember about the flash effect. I apply the color with classic black eye liner but you can apply it with a fluffy brush on the cheekbones, lips and temple. Use a different catwalk colors like green, blue or orange. It must be perfect!

Fot. Emil Kołodziej / Szkoła Wizażu i Stylizacji Artystyczna Alternatywa w Krakowie

FOTOEmil Kołodziej

MOD: Martyna Szopa

MUAKasia Wrona

Check out my make-up courses at…

Szkoła Wizażu i Stylizacji Artystyczna Alternatywa w Krakowie

ABC of Beauty Make-up

How to create the perfect beauty make-up? What’s the difference between the classical, daily make-up and this one? Does everything needs to be perfect? Check out my new project: my make-up looks photographed by Emil Kołodziej at Artystyczna Alternatywa. Read about the beauty tricks and the cooperation at the photo session.

Fot. Emil Kołodziej / Szkoła Wizażu i Stylizacji Artystyczna Alternatywa w Krakowie

Moodboard & team

Good idea goes first. Before shooting you need to create the plan of your make-up look, think about the ideas and prepare the moodboard. That’s a plan (presentation) where every artist meets his concept. The key for the perfect moodboard is… our creativity!

We are as good as the people who we work with. It’s very important to find a perfect team for the shooting. The make-up artist should choose the model with a perfect face and flawless skin, wonder about the photographer who is best in beauty photos. Discuss the ideas with the stylist and the hairstylist to find the best results.

Fot. Emil Kołodziej / Szkoła Wizażu i Stylizacji Artystyczna Alternatywa w Krakowie

The beauty make-up

Beauty make-up is very characteristic. It’s not daily or a stage make-up. You need to use a professional cosmetics, which should be selected for the skin tone. Photographic make-up should be more expressive, foundation needs to be fully covering. You can spread this one on the shoulders, neck, cleavage and every visible part of the skin (ex. hands when american frame). The flash makes colors more pale, so you can chose the intensive colors for the eye shadows and a little bit darker foundation. Don’t forget about the powder and setting spray, but remember that skin should stay as natural as it is. Watch out with the blush, be precise, because the lens has no mercy. Perfect for the eye will be matte eye shadows with a perfect blend. For the lips always use a lip liner and meld it with the lipstick. Don’t forget about the face contouring (you can do it with the marvelous Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit). Before shooting discuss with the photographer which places on the face should stay sparkly or glow (you put highlighter, brocade, glitter or others) because the light on this places needs to be aimed very precise.

Fot. Emil Kołodziej / Szkoła Wizażu i Stylizacji Artystyczna Alternatywa w Krakowie

Set-up & the light

The make-up artist needs to discuss with the photographer: the light, set-up the model and other details. It is used to set the white or grey background for the beauty photos, normally with the one or two light source. The make-up artist should be present for the photo shooting, sometimes operate the blende for avoid the shadows on the model’s face. Before shooting choose the light: soft or heavy light. It’s perfect when the photographer stick the camera with the computer – you can see the pictures on-line.

Fot. Emil Kołodziej / Szkoła Wizażu i Stylizacji Artystyczna Alternatywa w Krakowie


You will get the perfect end result when you discuss the retouch with the photographer. The final treatment should be precise, because the photos are often close-ups. Make-up trends shows, that the face should be natural, glam and detailed, so the retouch should be soft and don’t give “plastic skin” effect. Good luck!

FOTO: Emil Kołodziej

MOD: Martyna Szopa

MUA: Kasia Wrona

Szkoła Wizażu i Stylizacji Artystyczna Alternatywa w Krakowie

Mountain & rustic love affair – Make-up Trend 2017/2018

Autumn make-up colors

Everyone know already the make-up trends for season 2017/2018. The photo session in Owl Mountains will be perfect comment for this trends. You can check out the session and my makeup on the

Fot. Ewa Lena Brzozowska

Fashion goes first

What about the catwalk inspirations?

Colorful furs! That’s the most expressive trend on a catwalk in this season. Coats are replaced by colorful furs, which are also the make-up inspiration. Pink, red, yellow is just a beginning. On the fabric we can see the ombre effect where the intensive color goes into black or navy blue. Color should wake-up the grey of autumn vibes!

Blue is on top! Every shadow of a blue, navy blue or turquoise are the sky and galaxy inspired colors. On the catwalk we can see the stars, planets, orbits, space ships, rockets or just cosmos prints. In 2018 is the anniversary of the Apollo 8 mission.

Metallic glow are: clothes, details, jewelry, make-up looks. Trend setter in make-up is amazing Patricia McGrath who cosmetics collection is available at Sephora in October. Colors gold and silver are irreplaceable.

Nude color is the second skin. It comes from the celebrity world, this season the nude color is successfully present on the catwalk and in make-up. The trend goes with the natural and fresh look, flawless skin and nude lipsticks.

Fot. Ewa Lena Brzozowska


The most important trend will be the metallic glow inspiration. On the lips, eyelids, on the cheekbones or eyebrows. Schlagmetal (gold and silver) is coming back into favor. We can use matte lipstick with a brocade shadow or highlighter. Everything should give us the carbon copy.

The wet make-up is the next trend. It is the continuation of the summer vibes. It’s perfect to use the Studio Eye Gloss by MAC. To highlight your cheekbones you can use not only the highlighter but also an oil, for example my favorite Nuxe.

Fot. Ewa Lena Brzozowska

Color in make-up takes the inspiration from the catwalk furs. We use the most intensive colors, shadows and forms. Blue, yellow, orange, green or navy blue. We apply it on the lips, on the temples, cheekbones. The lipsticks are in claret or red wine color.

Nude is a shadow, which balance the intensive colors. Make-up no make-up leads the way. Just the natural and flawless skin, mascara, nude shadows and nude lipstick. Face contouring has a soft effect.

Fot. Ewa Lena Brzozowska

In the eye make-up all the variations about the liners will be on top. Liner, eye pencil, shadows etc. You’ll see this inspiration in the next photo session in which I created the make-up look. Stay in touch!

What about the nails and perfumes?

Nails are metallic as the make-up is. Especially in blue colors, inspired with the cosmos prints. The shadows will be deep and intensive. Perfumes will be also more expressive and tough. The scents are rose, musk, cacao, or bergamot. Chanel No 5 will be again – top of the top!

Fot. Ewa Lena Brzozowska


FOTOEwa Lena Brzozowska

Venue: Dom TkaczaStajnia PodolinRosciszów, Walbrzych, Poland
Concept, Design & Styling: KOWALSKA Events
Backstage Photography: Wild Weddings Photography
Florals & Decor: Paper Flower Art
Light Decorations: Modern Light Service
Gingerbreads: Piernikarnia Śląska
Stationery: Metier – Galeria Rękodzieła – Zaproszenia ślubne
Hair Styling: Paulina Mencnarowska ChwałaChmiest Academy of Hair Design
Make-Up Artist: Kasia Wrona the stylist and make up artist
Wedding Dress: Karolina Twardowska Atelier
Groom’s Look: Giacomo ContiDIUK Ubieramy mężczyzn multibrand shopZARA
Bride’s Accessories: Lucja Zajac AtelierKasia Rodak Design
Groom’s Accessories: PlantwearThe Bow Bow TiesZaczyk Wood Rings
Wedding Rings: Zaczyk Wood Rings 

Personal MAKE-UP Shopper


The makeup is our daily ritual. Each day women seat in front of the mirror and  are taking up their cosmetic challenges. We usually do the makeup in a hurry, it looks the same each day. Have you ever wonder about the makeup challenge? To choose the makeup to your daily stylization and clothes? Every day it should be a different kind of makeup! Do you know how to do that? Often by the evening of the day before we are prepared for the next day with the set of clothes in which we want to go out the next day to work, school, etc. If you do some clothes overview why not to do cosmetics overview as well? Do it together with your stylization for tomorrow! Wonder how long you need to have the makeup stay, how intense will be your day and choose adequately long stay fluid and take with you some cosmetic kit. I guarantee, that the morning will be better!


The secret of the beautiful makeup are cosmetics perfect for your skin. Do you care about your cosmetics? Do you have them always clean, keep them closed and store in cool place? If not they could be expose for the bacteria. Remember they also  have the date of expiry! Cosmetics are used directly to your skin, which needs to have special conditions. Don’t use dirty, old or overdue product. Do the cosmetics overview and throw away all of the cosmetics which are not used (or open over 6-12 months) products. Especially do it with your mascara or face powder. Take notice on the expiry dates and remember – don’t buy what everyone buys, buy this what’s perfect just for you!


It’s not so easy if you don’t know what’s best for you and your skin… Personal makeup shopper is something which everyone need. How we assort cosmetics? Depending on your budget, skin, color in your closet, type of beauty. Important is your lifestyle, what you do, where you work, what business relations you have. It’s not about spending a lot of money on brand-name products, because they are on sale. Personal makeup shopper is a specialistic conversation about cosmetics, skin care, makeup chosen for your type of beauty. Contact me!







Make-up or no make-up?

Makeup for photo session, are you sure…?

Cracow is a beautiful and inspiring city in Poland (Europe), in which I can live and create. Lately I had an extraordinary opportunity to work with Agnieszka and Ania who are running their own “stylish” business called Gałczyńska & Seidel Kreowanie Wizerunku. Style, personal shopping and metamorphosis are their speciality. Gorgeous photos was taken by Łukasz Lic from Actually, it’s not only business but also a friendship photo session.

Forgetting about the makeup at the photo session is very common. Why is that? Bridal, Business and others… The makeup makes the session! It’s essential element of the photo shooting, because it’s all about you! YOU need to look awesome, it will be YOUR photos! Lack of makeup at session like these makes you bad looking it the light of camera.

Gałczyńska&Seidel, Fot.

Only a photo session? What about the daily makeup look?

What about the natural look and not wearing makeup at all? Celebrities are screaming against the makeup tricks and using them on red carpet! They demand ‘naked’ face look, don’t worry about the skin imperfections, wrinkles or eyes with dark rings around them. Daily makeup shouldn’t be tough or heavy, it should be made with intuition and capability. The makeup is a part of your total look, just like clothes or hair. You need to care about your skin , because when you look adversely you will make others feel uneasy. American scientists proved that the people who are good looking and behave pleasant, have better  career perspective, have more friends and provoke sympathy.

Gałczyńska&Seidel, Fot.

Beauty = Self-acceptance

Less is more – in makeup also. Especially daily makeup. If you have beauty skin – don’t use fluids, if you have wrinkles – use a filling base, if you are white as a sheet – use w blush and highliter. If your brows are heavy – don’t get them stronger (especially when you’re blonde), if you have freckles or redness on your cheeks – resign yourself to this – it’s YOU! Our beauty comes from inside; self-acceptance, self-confidence and awareness of our pros and cons. It goes with the fashion, it goes with your beauty look. Stand in front of the mirror and watch yourself – wonder good and consider bad – certainly the first one will be more! Then, there’s nothing more – just learn how underline your natural beauty. It’s not easy? I recommend you an individual worshops. Find a cosmetics to your skin type, learn how to use it daily and feel stronger with yourself!

MINIMALISM in makeup is necessary! Don’t waste products, take consider expiry date. Are you sure you know how to do the economically makeup shopping? Buy only that cosmetics which are perfect for you, don’t buy it because it’s on sale! Take me as your personal makeup shopper! Check my next post!

Spring changes!


Dear, the spring is coming, knocking our doors! It’s time of changes and new inspirations! Let the spring dizziness get into your heart and change yourself a little bit!

Makeup for spring is fresh and soft, also a little bit sparkling. What about your closet? Heavy coats and jackets are going to retire, it’s perfect time for the …. METAMORPHOSIS!

Me and my creative friends decide to prepare for you a perfect spring metamorphosis. We are working together for years, we are connected by passion, creativity and sense of beauty. We are inspired by spring and everything around us. Photographic sessions are always funny and professional all in one.

Pozytyw  Studio is our photographer and the makeup  artist is me. 🙂 Aga and Ania are best stylist ever, and the hair stylist is Maciek. It’s our team for the special tasks! Give yourself a chance and change yourself! Make a gift, make friends with us, check our offer!

Dyskretny Blask Pielęgnacji

Nadrabiając zaległości, przedstawiam Wam fotoreportaż z rewelacyjnego wydarzenia, które miałam przyjemność realizować wspólnie z Firmą Reklamową Rean. Dyskretny Blask Pielęgnacji, to porady wizażowe, warszataty, moc upominków i atrakcji – wymarzony dzień dla każdej kobiety.

Za zaproszenie i owocną współpracę dziękuję firmie Rean 🙂

Przy tej okazji wspomnijmy także event Mamy Cię Mamo!

Wieczór Panieński Uli

Oto Ula! Szalony wieczór panieński, który zorganizowały jej przyjaciółki był naprawdę wyjątkowy. Punktem programu było potkanie z wizażystą – pokaz makijażu, porady wizażowe oraz wykonanie makijażu dla głównej bohaterki wieczoru. Na konsultacje kolorystyczne i odkrycie tajnych makijażowych trików mogły również liczyć przyjaciółki naszej gwiazdy.

Namiastkę autoryzowanych zdjęć możecie zobaczyć w poniższej galerii.

Zapraszam do współpracy!