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Happy New Year!

 2018 was amazing year! Full of new adventures and challenges. I was travelling a lot, meeting new people and gaining invaluable make-up experience. My work is my biggest passion💋

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[Hot or Not] Ugly Beauty

The book I would like to recommend is ‘Ugly Beauty’ written by a journalist – Ruth Brandon. You can see the review in here  and buy e-book in here.  It is a book about makeup, business, love and life.  This book is the answer: How to be succeed in a beauty industry? How L’oreal i Helena Rubinstein create the empire?

What about the book?

Did you know that a lot of polish people were a great businessman in a beauty industry? Maksymilian Faktorowicz from Zduńskia Wola, known as Max Factor was founder of a first make-up studio in Los Angeles. He was the inventor of a word ‘make-up’ and won Oscar for the characterization. He invented a pan stick and was creator of a conception of tv make-up.

Helena Rubinstein was a Jewish girl from Poland. She opened her first cosmetics store in Australia and started to sell the luxury cram based on the oils. She invented a lipstick and her products were loved by women in all over the world.

Finally, the most contemporary, polish businessman from Przemyśl – Wojciech Inglot. He created an INGLOT. He invent the Freedom System. The system gives women the possibility of create their own color palette.

Eugene Schueller was a French pharmacist, who discover the first safe hair dye. He was a scientist but he didn’t like work at the university. He loves working on his own, even 18 hours a day.

The tips

The story of makeup shows, that only a hard work and a determination can gives you a success. Cosmetics are connected with economy, politics and industry. Through the second World War all companies were stopped but after the war women wanted to feel beautiful. Entrepreneurship and uncompromising attitude gives the success.


This book is worth to read. It shows the makeup history, the beauty business in XX century and a connections between cosmetics and politics. It gives you recipe for the success: hard work and no sleep. You should definitely check this book out!!

What is Ruth Brandon saying about her book? Check this out! Source: Youtube

[Hot or Not] Love, Style, Life – Garance Dore

Where the make-up inspirations start? Lately I am reading a lot of books and trade magazines, not only watching the catwalk make-up. I decided to tell you about some of my recommendations and what is the best make-up inspiration for me. “Love, Style, Life” by Garance Dore is the book I loved.

What about the book?

The book has inspiring layout and is published with care and elegance. Inside there are not only the stylish illustrations but also a lot of practical information. You can see the “title inside” – everything is about fashion people, clothes, style, make-up… but there is also a lot of love and aiming the happiness.

Your style gives you power to communicate without words, so ask yourself – what do you know about you and your style? The same question goes with a make-up – if you know what you want to say, it is easier to fell self-confident. Inside the book you will find a lot of tips about the New York and Paris style.

Garance Dore is a very stylish woman, the beauty is relative so it is important who you are inside. Don’t judge book by its cover – okay, but if you are happy inside, you’ll be beautiful outside.

Sans elegance de coeur, il n’y a pas d’elegance – bez elegancji serca, elegancja nie istnieje.

Yves Saint Laurent

It is beautiful to be a woman, but you need to feel accomplish. Even the best make-up artist can’t hide your sadness or stress. Don’t try to be perfect, challenge yourself – try to accept your pros and coins. This practice makes you happy and naturally beautiful.

What about the make-up?

Eyebrows – well styled eyebrows could change the look of the face. Even the best make-up without eyebrows done well, is poor. Don’t forget about the brows!

Red lipstick – is your power. If you need to feel brave and full of energy – use a red lipstick. You can use it daily or only at weekends. Remember to choose the right shade! I was writing about it in here.

How to take a perfect photo – Everyone wants to look perfect when taking selfies, but sometimes you just don’t have “IT”. Garance gives you some simply tips: use natural light, make your skin look flawless and find your better profile!

Highly recommended!

I can recommend this book everyone, you need to finally find a time for yourself!

Publisher: Wydawnictwo ZNAK