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Personal MAKE-UP Shopper


The makeup is our daily ritual. Each day women seat in front of the mirror and  are taking up their cosmetic challenges. We usually do the makeup in a hurry, it looks the same each day. Have you ever wonder about the makeup challenge? To choose the makeup to your daily stylization and clothes? Every day it should be a different kind of makeup! Do you know how to do that? Often by the evening of the day before we are prepared for the next day with the set of clothes in which we want to go out the next day to work, school, etc. If you do some clothes overview why not to do cosmetics overview as well? Do it together with your stylization for tomorrow! Wonder how long you need to have the makeup stay, how intense will be your day and choose adequately long stay fluid and take with you some cosmetic kit. I guarantee, that the morning will be better!


The secret of the beautiful makeup are cosmetics perfect for your skin. Do you care about your cosmetics? Do you have them always clean, keep them closed and store in cool place? If not they could be expose for the bacteria. Remember they also  have the date of expiry! Cosmetics are used directly to your skin, which needs to have special conditions. Don’t use dirty, old or overdue product. Do the cosmetics overview and throw away all of the cosmetics which are not used (or open over 6-12 months) products. Especially do it with your mascara or face powder. Take notice on the expiry dates and remember – don’t buy what everyone buys, buy this what’s perfect just for you!


It’s not so easy if you don’t know what’s best for you and your skin… Personal makeup shopper is something which everyone need. How we assort cosmetics? Depending on your budget, skin, color in your closet, type of beauty. Important is your lifestyle, what you do, where you work, what business relations you have. It’s not about spending a lot of money on brand-name products, because they are on sale. Personal makeup shopper is a specialistic conversation about cosmetics, skin care, makeup chosen for your type of beauty. Contact me!







Make-up or no make-up?

Makeup for photo session, are you sure…?

Cracow is a beautiful and inspiring city in Poland (Europe), in which I can live and create. Lately I had an extraordinary opportunity to work with Agnieszka and Ania who are running their own “stylish” business called Gałczyńska & Seidel Kreowanie Wizerunku. Style, personal shopping and metamorphosis are their speciality. Gorgeous photos was taken by Łukasz Lic from Actually, it’s not only business but also a friendship photo session.

Forgetting about the makeup at the photo session is very common. Why is that? Bridal, Business and others… The makeup makes the session! It’s essential element of the photo shooting, because it’s all about you! YOU need to look awesome, it will be YOUR photos! Lack of makeup at session like these makes you bad looking it the light of camera.

Gałczyńska&Seidel, Fot.

Only a photo session? What about the daily makeup look?

What about the natural look and not wearing makeup at all? Celebrities are screaming against the makeup tricks and using them on red carpet! They demand ‘naked’ face look, don’t worry about the skin imperfections, wrinkles or eyes with dark rings around them. Daily makeup shouldn’t be tough or heavy, it should be made with intuition and capability. The makeup is a part of your total look, just like clothes or hair. You need to care about your skin , because when you look adversely you will make others feel uneasy. American scientists proved that the people who are good looking and behave pleasant, have better  career perspective, have more friends and provoke sympathy.

Gałczyńska&Seidel, Fot.

Beauty = Self-acceptance

Less is more – in makeup also. Especially daily makeup. If you have beauty skin – don’t use fluids, if you have wrinkles – use a filling base, if you are white as a sheet – use w blush and highliter. If your brows are heavy – don’t get them stronger (especially when you’re blonde), if you have freckles or redness on your cheeks – resign yourself to this – it’s YOU! Our beauty comes from inside; self-acceptance, self-confidence and awareness of our pros and cons. It goes with the fashion, it goes with your beauty look. Stand in front of the mirror and watch yourself – wonder good and consider bad – certainly the first one will be more! Then, there’s nothing more – just learn how underline your natural beauty. It’s not easy? I recommend you an individual worshops. Find a cosmetics to your skin type, learn how to use it daily and feel stronger with yourself!

MINIMALISM in makeup is necessary! Don’t waste products, take consider expiry date. Are you sure you know how to do the economically makeup shopping? Buy only that cosmetics which are perfect for you, don’t buy it because it’s on sale! Take me as your personal makeup shopper! Check my next post!