Made-to-measure make-up look

Sometimes it is hard to find the best colours or style in your daily make-up look. What about the special occasion? What if make-up should match not only your style but a lot more….?

This beautiful photographs were taken by Damian Łukasz Weddings at Oaza Leńcze – stunning place in Poland, which is called a ‘place to love’. Our models were Justyna and Paweł, who are a great couple not only on photos but also in life. ?

Oaza Leńcze, fot. Damian Łukasz

Make-up fits occasion

The first and most important thing is to know the occasion well. New Years Eve? You can wear some sparkly shadows. Wedding? Okay, you need to find something elegant and classy. Evening or night out? Try some of the unobvious lipstick colours! Goal awareness let you know everything best, be in fashion and perfectly match occasion of the party.

Oaza Leńcze, fot. Damian Łukasz

Party style

Remember about the style of the party. When you go out for a barbecue with your friends, don’t put too much make-up on. You can go crazy when you are taking part in some concert or festival but not especially on the family party or similar event.

Oaza Leńcze, Fot. Damian Łukasz Weddings

Soft make-up look will be perfect for open air party, while a glamour smokey eye will shine in the evening lights. You need to think about the style. Is it more glam or boho? I am always asking my brides about it, to know all the details and do a perfect make-up look for them.

Oaza Leńcze, Fot. Damian Łukasz


Your style, dress or jewellery should be an inspiration for creating the make-up look. Mak-up, jewellery, style and also a shoes, should match each other. When you choose a glamour shiny dress you shouldn’t put too much on. Your make-up will be better without heavy lashes or harsh lipstick colour. Less is always more!

Oaza Leńcze, fot. Damian Łukasz

Shoes? Seriously?

Yes! Shoes should match not only your dress but also a make-up, hair and total look. One day, some of my clients asked me about the navy blue smokey eye makeup. When I asked her why, she told me, that she has a blue nails, shoes and a ribbon. We made it and she was looking just amazing! Thinking about every detail let you get the most incredible effect of all.

Oaza Leńcze, Fot. Damian Łukasz


One of the most important thing to create a coherent look is jewellery. I can’t imagine to wear gold earrings and copper shadows. Same situation with red necklace and pink lipstick. It’s just wrong and don’t look pretty.

Oaza Leńcze, Fot. Damian Łukasz

Wedding bouquet

The same story goes with a bouquet or a wedding bunch and a lipstick. I chose for Justyna a lipstick in contrast to her bunch but you can also match the lipstick with flowers in a bunch. Choose your way!

Oaza Leńcze, Fot. Damian Łukasz

I hope now your make-up routine will be easier and match your style. Good luck!

This beautiful photo session was made in cooperation with those amazing people from Poland: ❤️

Organizacja: Bride Side Wedding Planner
Fotografia & organizacja: Damian Łukasz Weddings
Miejsce: Oaza Leńcze
Para Młoda: Justyna Uboska i Paweł Szczepanik
Kwiaty: Bukiet Love
Makijaż: Make-up Manufacture
Papeteria: Styletter
Biżuteria: Bizoe
Słodkości: Ciastki & Co
Makramy: Boski Minimalizm
Suknia: Joanna Niemiec
Włosy: Joanna Curzydło – Rup Coiffeur
Wstążki: Shy Ribbons
Okrągła konstrukcja na kwiaty: Dekoracje Szewczyk
Huśtawka & wazony: Wypożyczalnia Ewa Berdychowska
Zastawa: Mleko Living

Oaza Leńcze, Fot. Damian Łukasz

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