Quick looks: Beautiful Makeup in Minutes

From the phenomenal artist behind Express Makeup and Timeless Makeup, here are the real secrets to looking gorgeous in just minutes – the book Quick looks: Beautiful Makeup in Minutes by Rae Morris. Check my review!

Rae Morris is a veteran of major international runway shows, where speed is critical, so she knows how to achieve beautiful looks fast. Here she reveals all the tricks and trade secrets she’s learned over her highly successful career, from how to apply razor-sharp eyeliner to how to transform your face with the perfect brow shape.

Rae Morris is one of the most popular make-up artists in the world. She’s a master!

Rae’s number one tip: When you’re in a hurry, always do your eyes first, as you can easily apply foundation and lipstick in your compact or rearview mirror. Full of sensational looks, with step-by-step photographs and easy to follow instructions on how to achieve them, this the perfect handbag-sized book for women who want to look flawless in no time at all.

In this book you will find a lot of step by step make-up looks, different types of beauty, daily and high fashion make-up tips for everybody.

Photographs taken by Steven Chee are great – there’s a lot of mature woman models as well as high professional models. You can get the book on Amazon for $18.

Rae Morris gives you invaluable tips about the make-up colours and shows how to create a perfect make-up look matching eye pupil shade.

‘This book is for those women who are put off by the thought of how long it takes to apply their makeup,’ says Rae. ‘I guarantee that even a piece of sticky tape can help make your face perfect in less than a minute, while the simplest reshaping of your brow can completely transform your eye shape.’

Brow shape? It is always a problem. Rae gives you an easy outline how to create perfect arch.

Full of sensational looks modelled by some of Australia’s top models, with step-by-step photographs by Steven Chee, Quick Looks is the must-have book for women who want to look gorgeous in minutes with the minimum of fuss. And Rae’s number one tip? When you’re in a hurry, always do your eyes first, as you can apply foundation and lipstick as you’re racing out the door.

Where exactly and how apply highlighter? This is a true challange, but with this book you will find out  every place on your face which should be lightened.

Book is full of tricks and tips, for example:

  • Remeber, that your eyelids goes oily too! Powder them or use a shadow primer.

  • If there is hot outside, use an oily foundation which is waterproof and won’t go off your face.

  • You achieve beautiful and natural glow if add some drops of highlighter to your foundation

  • Do not apply eyelashes to the end of the outer corners, this will make your eyes look sad. Apply lashes two or three millimetres before the end of your eyelid.

I highly recommen this book for everyone – a person who is a beginner and a person who is a professional make-up artist. This is a great gift!