Lip care and the lips make-up

Gorgeous lips – all about care!

Generally, women  don’t remember about a lip care. We use peelings, creams, masks etc. on our faces but not for the lips. How care can improve our daily lips make-up? How should we care about lips to keep them nutrished? You can see the beautiful photos of Magdalena Tarach. Joanna, gorgeous bride has the fuchsia lipstick from Max Factor <3

Fot. Magdalena Tarach Photography

Peeling and the massage

Neglected lips are going pale and dry. You should do regular lips massage 2-3 days. It makes lips more soft, nourished and supplied with blood. Peeling will remove the dry cuticles and make lips more firm. You can buy this kind of cosmetics at chemists but you can also do it by yourself.

Fot. Magdalena Tarach Photography

First of all – nourishing

To protect your lips you can use natural products like olive oil, coconut oil, avocado or honey. You can connect the application with the massage and add a little bit of sugar to make a peeling. After this you need to nourish and moisturize your lips – you can use a vitamin A cream.

Fot. Magdalena Tarach Photography

Protect and diet

Your lips need protection in every season of the year. In winter you should keep them moisturized, in summer be prepared for the sun with UV cream or lipstick. It’s important what you eat, perfect are vegetables, fruits, fish, nuts or a red wine.

Fot. Magdalena Tarach Photography

And finally… the makeup!

Every lipstick will look fabulous on a well-kept lips. You can use a lipstick base from  Clarins or Golden Rose. Choose sparkly lipstick with the shea butter to keep them moisturized. You can make the lipstick long lasting using fixer or just a little powder.

Fot. Magdalena Tarach Photography

FOTO: Magdalena Tarach Photography

Thanks to the beautiful bridal couple!! 🙂