Favourite lipsticks in NYC!

Just before the whole pandemic situation happened I went to New York City for work. I’ve used this opportunity and took some photos of my favourite lips products. I love NYC and I will surely go back when pandemic will be over. In the meantime – check out lipsticks which every woman should have in her make-up kit.

Next to MoMA NYC

Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid

NYPD keeps an eye on my Vivid Matte Liquid in 05 Nude Flush and I am not surprised – this is very precious shade!

This Matte Liquid lipstick is not ‘congealing’ (as ABH is) but quite long lasting. It gives you a nice matte finish, without dry patches on the lips. You can put two or more layers and it still looks nice. Colour is not to pinkish and will be perfect for green or blue eyes.

Vivid Matte Liquid 05 Nude Flush in daylight

Revolution Makeup Matte

My brides love this lipstick shade! It is nothing unusual because it is called White Wedding (114) and has very pretty shade.

Revolution Makeup Matte in White Wedding (114) on Times Square

I’ve took some photos on Times Square – the place that never sleeps. The shade is lilac or heather and enhance natural lip colour. Love the smell!

Revolution Makeup Matte in White Wedding (114)

This lipstick is long lasting but it gives a very natural finish, it’s not heavy matte effect, looks more like silk. It won’t dry out your lips but rather nourish and moisturize.

Revolution Makeup Matte in White Wedding (114) on Times Square

Makeup Revolution Precious Stone

This lip gloss in Rose Quartz is one of the most beautiful in the world! Honestly, love this shade. You can wear it solo or put on the top of your favourite lipstick. I’ve recommend it to all my clients and most of them buy Rose Quartz regularly.

Makeup Revolution Precious Stone in Rose Quartz on Columbus Circle

It is only a gloss but it is quite long lasting. When it goes off leaves a gold shiny glitters on the lips so it still looks nice. Design is very unique – glitter cap, easy to use applicator and a nice shape. Must have!

Makeup Revolution Precious Stone in Rose Quartz

Perfect nude from Anastasia Beverly Hills

I was looking for a perfect nude shade for years. Most of them are too pinkish, orange, or grey. Never found a perfect one until… Stripped shade from Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Anastasia Beverly Hills in Stripped on Columbus Circle

This  Stripped shade is a perfect nude for me. You can find it Walmart page only in $9! It gives you full coverage, has very intense pigment, and a matte finish. It is quite easy-to-apply liquid formula. This shade is really long-wearing color that sets all day.

Anastasia Beverly Hills in Stripped on 59 Avenue

Hope to make the shopping easier for you guys! I will surely be back in NYC soon and I promise take more nice photographs of my favourite products ❤️ xoxo

Me on Columbus Circle