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Mountain & rustic love affair – Make-up Trend 2017/2018

Autumn make-up colors

Everyone know already the make-up trends for season 2017/2018. The photo session in Owl Mountains will be perfect comment for this trends. You can check out the session and my makeup on the SweetWedding.pl.

Fot. Ewa Lena Brzozowska

Fashion goes first

What about the catwalk inspirations?

Colorful furs! That’s the most expressive trend on a catwalk in this season. Coats are replaced by colorful furs, which are also the make-up inspiration. Pink, red, yellow is just a beginning. On the fabric we can see the ombre effect where the intensive color goes into black or navy blue. Color should wake-up the grey of autumn vibes!

Blue is on top! Every shadow of a blue, navy blue or turquoise are the sky and galaxy inspired colors. On the catwalk we can see the stars, planets, orbits, space ships, rockets or just cosmos prints. In 2018 is the anniversary of the Apollo 8 mission.

Metallic glow are: clothes, details, jewelry, make-up looks. Trend setter in make-up is amazing Patricia McGrath who cosmetics collection is available at Sephora in October. Colors gold and silver are irreplaceable.

Nude color is the second skin. It comes from the celebrity world, this season the nude color is successfully present on the catwalk and in make-up. The trend goes with the natural and fresh look, flawless skin and nude lipsticks.

Fot. Ewa Lena Brzozowska


The most important trend will be the metallic glow inspiration. On the lips, eyelids, on the cheekbones or eyebrows. Schlagmetal (gold and silver) is coming back into favor. We can use matte lipstick with a brocade shadow or highlighter. Everything should give us the carbon copy.

The wet make-up is the next trend. It is the continuation of the summer vibes. It’s perfect to use the Studio Eye Gloss by MAC. To highlight your cheekbones you can use not only the highlighter but also an oil, for example my favorite Nuxe.

Fot. Ewa Lena Brzozowska

Color in make-up takes the inspiration from the catwalk furs. We use the most intensive colors, shadows and forms. Blue, yellow, orange, green or navy blue. We apply it on the lips, on the temples, cheekbones. The lipsticks are in claret or red wine color.

Nude is a shadow, which balance the intensive colors. Make-up no make-up leads the way. Just the natural and flawless skin, mascara, nude shadows and nude lipstick. Face contouring has a soft effect.

Fot. Ewa Lena Brzozowska

In the eye make-up all the variations about the liners will be on top. Liner, eye pencil, shadows etc. You’ll see this inspiration in the next photo session in which I created the make-up look. Stay in touch!

What about the nails and perfumes?

Nails are metallic as the make-up is. Especially in blue colors, inspired with the cosmos prints. The shadows will be deep and intensive. Perfumes will be also more expressive and tough. The scents are rose, musk, cacao, or bergamot. Chanel No 5 will be again – top of the top!

Fot. Ewa Lena Brzozowska

Publication: SweetWedding.pl

FOTOEwa Lena Brzozowska

Venue: Dom TkaczaStajnia PodolinRosciszów, Walbrzych, Poland
Concept, Design & Styling: KOWALSKA Events
Backstage Photography: Wild Weddings Photography
Florals & Decor: Paper Flower Art
Light Decorations: Modern Light Service
Gingerbreads: Piernikarnia Śląska
Stationery: Metier – Galeria Rękodzieła – Zaproszenia ślubne
Hair Styling: Paulina Mencnarowska ChwałaChmiest Academy of Hair Design
Make-Up Artist: Kasia Wrona the stylist and make up artist
Wedding Dress: Karolina Twardowska Atelier
Groom’s Look: Giacomo ContiDIUK Ubieramy mężczyzn multibrand shopZARA
Bride’s Accessories: Lucja Zajac AtelierKasia Rodak Design
Groom’s Accessories: PlantwearThe Bow Bow TiesZaczyk Wood Rings
Wedding Rings: Zaczyk Wood Rings