Backstage work is not so easy as it might seems. Is there some key to success? How to create your own dream team? I’ve already have mine and I wish you to have your own. Each of our photo session is full of energy, good vibes and we are always helping each other. Read more!

Fot. Łukasz Lic / Pozytyw Studio


Even your best friend don’t like it, when you are not professional at your work. Being lazy or uncommitted is not the way to success. You always need to be prepared for a hard and demanding teamwork. It goes without saying, that long working hours on the set or at studio require perfect conscientiousness. Good spirit is always the best way to strike a chord with your team.

Fot. Łukasz Lic / Pozytyw Studio

Hard work

If you want to be a make-up artist you should be prepared for a hard work. You are irreplaceable in your work. It is out of the question that you could use a doctor’s leave or just have a bad day, because the next order will never come again. Because of the social media channels you should be at work 24 hours, taking care even about your virtual image. Being a make-up artist is tough and demanding work. You should be talented, hardworking and precise at once.

Fot. Łukasz Lic / Pozytyw Studio

Good vibes only

There are no people in the world who likes the gripers. If your work is your passion – do it with passion and positive vibes! Be always optimistic and easy-going, be ready for a new challenges!

Good luck! ☺️

Photographer: Pozytyw Studio