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Sweet Love…!

Second part of the photo shooting published on Magazyn Wesele and! Bonfire, wolfs, horses and a big love of Zuza and Olek <3 Rustic atmosphere, rustic stylization, makeup and details. What about bridal photo shooting? How it looks like with a makeup? Let’s start!

Fot. Ewa Lena Brzozowska

Make-up for the wedding photo session

Wedding photo session is a one in a lifetime, you need to look perfect. Camera lens has no mercy – your skin should look flawless, fresh and lightly and be full cover with no imperfections or redness on it at the same time.

Fot. Ewa Lena Brzozowska

Make-up for the bride

The wedding photo session make-up don’t need to be the same as at the wedding day. A lot of brides makes everything different at their photo session. They are buying a new gown in a new style, has different hairstyle and different make-up. Sometimes sessions are more artistic or creative, so the make-up can be so. You shouldn’t do the make-up by yourself because your household cosmetics are not professional. You can discuss your ideas with your make-up artist and set everything in one style: stylization, make-up, details, jewellery… The make-up should be more expressive and illuminated than at the wedding day.

Fot. Ewa Lena Brzozowska

Make-up for the groom

Yes, yes! The groom should have make-up as well! Why? The face can’t be reddened and gleam, the make-up should cover all the imperfections or spots. The make-up artist should always remember about the ears and the forehead make-up, using also the setting spray.

Fot. Ewa Lena Brzozowska

Wedding photo session at the wedding day – the same make-up?

Sometimes the wedding couple decide to have the wedding party and the photo shooting at the same day. Why I think it’s a bad idea? The bridal day make-up should looks perfect in the artificial light, and the other – mostly in the daily light. Don’t give up the additional day to celebrate – do the wedding photo session!