New York, New York!

New York, New York! This is the admirable Sinatra’s song… He was the only child of Italian immigrants, winning his American Dream with an Oscar. That’s what the America is. A lot of European people making their dreams come true, because their home was not good enough for them.

Let’s take a 3 days walk through the New York City together!

Central Park

The aircraft from Europe to US is not as expensive as it might seem. Sometimes its only about 300$ both ways. It’s about 9 hours, very comfortable flight.

Our first destination should be the Statue of Liberty. You can get there using free Staten Island Fairy. The Ferry won’t drop you off at the island. If you want to get there, use a paid ferry across the street.

Central Park is one of the most popular places in NYC. People love spending their time with families out there in the nature. It’s huge and you can walk by all day. From Central Park you’ll get almost everywhere but let’s take a walk to Times Square.

Times Squaree

Yellow cab? Only in New York City! They are so popular, that even the Uber is lag behind. Streets are full of yellow cabs, even if they are more expensive, everyone wants to take a ride.


Empire State Building is one of the most popular destinations. It has 102 floors. You can get almost to the top one of the highest building in the world and see this stunning city view. You need to buy the ticket (about 30 $), but the other places in NYC you can visit for free.

Empire State Building

Carrie Bradshaw‘s apartment is not so easy to find! Neighbours aren’t so happy about tourists but… I would take the photo anyway. One of the neighbours told me that he needs to stay here a little longer than I am… Be brave!

66 Perry St.

There are some other places in NYC worth to see. Walking thought the 5th Avenue and be a Holly Golightly for a minute, walk through Boho and see some art, visit the Brooklyn Bridge and of course the 911 Memorial.

From the NYC you can get to the capitol, using Amtrak. It’s very fast, cheep and comfortable rail.  Washington D.C. is a gorgeous and monumental city. You can visit the Capitol for free and see also Smithsonian Institute, Abraham Lincoln Mausoleum and The White House.

Waszyngton, Kapitol

From D.C. it’s so close to Virginia, you shouldn’t miss it. It’s about two hour Amtrak drive and you can see Virginia Beach, Norfolk port, historical places. This state is full of trees and flowers, has mountains and beautiful nature.

Richmond, Virginia

So many places and that’s still not the end! Let’s wait for sunny days in Los Angeles and… Vegas Baby!