Beauty and travels

Beauty and travels

2018 was a traveling year for me. What’s my favourite place? What about my skincare routine and make-up? ⛱

The picture above was taken on the Pacific Highway – one of the most beautiful road in the world. There is windy and sunny weather, and the temperature is very high. A very similar climate is at Santa Monica, Santa Barbara or Venice beaches. During the vacay I’m not wearing make-up at all, giving my skin a brake. What about the skincare for this sunny days?

My holiday skincare routine:

Venice Beach, LA, California

Venice is heaven on earth. The people are nice and always smiling and the weather is sunny.


During my travel I was visiting a lot of beautiful places. I liked US museums; Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, Warner Bros Studios and the Hollywood Museum. This places are very modern and have the greatest exhibitions. American people don’t like the air condition a lot, but they are using it constantly. While the temperature outside is 100 Fahrenheit inside is no more than 70. The skin goes crazy with this temperature difference.

During the inside sightseeing I was using a thermal water from Goodal or Avene. It helps skin to regenerate.

Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, LA, CA

Max Factor Studio, Hollywood Museum, Los Angeles

Warner Bros Studio, Burbank, Los Angeles


Cities in US are huge and sometimes unfortunately… dirty. In Los Angeles, due to photochemical smog, the sun is covered by clouds until 11. The best cosmetics to use in smoky atmosphere are based on antioxidants like City Cream from Esthederm.

Hollywood Boulevard – Walk of Fame, Los Angeles

In San Francisco in 2018 was created the poop patrol ☺️ because the city was dirty. This is also a very windy place so the best skincare will be creams like Emolium, protecting us from wind and dryness.

San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge

Don’t forget to use a sun protector in the city. Cloudy sky doesn’t mean that sun won’t make discolouration on your skin, especially in New York City.

New York City, New York

Washington D.C.


What is best in America? Nature. The Antelope Canyon is definitely one of the most beautiful places in the world. Light and shadows are playing together in the Upper and Lower Canyon. Have you seen my post from Arizona yet?

Antelope (lower) Canyon

Before visiting Antelope Canyon, your guide will ask you if you have a bottle of water, appropriate outfit, cap and the sun protector. In places like this it is easy to get sunburn or get a skin discolouration.

Lower Canyon

This is the beginning of the Grand Colorado Canyon. Hot and sunny – watch out not only for the skin but protect also your hair. I’ve been using a Schwarzkopf hair spray with a sun protector. Remember to protect you eyes with a sunglasses!

Colorado River

Death Valley

That was the american part of the year 2018. What about Poland? Kraków is absolutely stunning city. What about my polish skincare? The post will be on valentines day – stay tuned!

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