Long lasting make-up look

Is your daily make-up a long lasting make-up? What about sunny, hot days? Do you have your favourite 24h lipstick? How to make your daily make-up long lasting?  I do have a great prescription for you.

Your daily make-up should be radiant and looks perfect all day. The same rules are obligatory for bridal make-up look. Which cosmetics will be perfect for 24h party time? I’d tested a lot of them on my face but also… on my clients! Photographs down below are from Natalia’s wedding, just to show you how long lasting was the make-up I made for her. ❤️

Wedding make-up is very special, because it has to be daily, evening and photographic – all in one. It should looks perfect for 24 hours, beautiful and neutral in daylight. Do you know what make-up kit do you need to get the best, long lasting make-up effect?

Ślub Natalii i Sebastiana, fot. Jakub Żak

Base goes first

Primer in your daily make-up look? I bet you are forgetting about this constantly. We are used to buy a HD foundations, mattifying products, but we don’t use primer . Sometimes when you apply a good primer (correcting or mattifying) you can skip foundation and use a concealer instead, to get light and natural effect. You should choose long lasting primers like Too Faced. If you apply an eyeshadow you need to use a special eye primer, from Golden Rose or similar product.

Ślub Natalii i Sebastiana, fot. Jakub Żak

What’s next…?

Another long lasting product is a foundation and concealer. If you do have a beautiful radiant skin, don’t use too much foundation or don’t use it at all. For 24 hour lasting make-up you need a waterproof, ‘HD’, ‘Long Lasting’ or ’24h’. Those gives you also a high coverage, so if you want to get neutral effect, don’t put too much product. One of my favourite and nourishing foundations are LAsplash or Urban Decay.

Ślub Natalii i Sebastiana, fot. Jakub Żak

Powder your nose!

If you think you don’t need to wear powder because you have a dry or sensitive skin… you’re wrong. Even if you have an atopic skin, you need to powder up. Choose product with silica and mica or vitamins and oils. I love pressed powders from DermablendMAC i Make-up Forever they are almost like a good moisturiser.

Less is more

Less is more – using a lot of make-up on your face make it looks heavy and dry. As a result your skin will defend itself and gets more oily. Your skin needs to breathe!

Ślub Natalii i Sebastiana, fot. Jakub Żak

Fix & Go!

Fixer is an obligatory product. You can use a spray or mist. For daily make-up mist will be better, because it gives you more neutral finish. I love this from Clarins, it is also soothing and nourishing. For more heavy look you can use a professional product like Kobo or Kryolan.

Natalia’s wedding make-up look was a long lasting with very natural, flawless finish.  ?Everything best for you guys!!!?

Ślub Natalii i Sebastiana, fot. Jakub Żak

What kind of long lasting products are your favourite?

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