New York City during the fashion week

New York City during the Fashion Week?  how it looks like? What do you need to know before taking a trip to the NYC? I will try to answer all of your questions!

Manhattan, NYC

One way ticket

While I was buing a plane ticket I didn’t know yet if I will be working on the New York Fashion Week. I really bought a on way ticket to try myself and to learn something more.

Hudson Yards, NYC

Work the Runway

Not every make-up artist want to share their work and let other mua’s see their backstage routine. But Danessa Myricks and James Vincent has nothing to hide! They are one of the most talented people I have ever meet in this industry. You can read more here.

Brooklyn Bridge

Everything is much more expensive during the Fashion Week. Add a Memorial Day of September 11th to this and now you have – Uber, aircrafts and hotels – 3 times more expensive than every other day. You can pay sometimes more than $300 for one night in a hotel.

Brooklyn Bridge

Booking your plane in advance you will pay less. But still, it is smart to plan your visit in the City in any other moth than September. NYC is very crowded then.

Brooklyn Bridge


Last year while I was visiting NYC i didn’t even think that I will be working on a Fashion Week here some day!  Here you can find more tourist information, this time I decided to go to the Hudson Yards and Met Museum.

Manhattan, Hudson Yards


Metro is the most popular transport in NYC. One ticket cost only $3 and you can use it for two hours. You can pay cash or credit. If I have enough time I am always walking on foot, discovering the city. Walking is my favourite kind of transport☺️

Brooklyn Bridge

More tourists information you can get in Washington and Virginia post from last year. If you want to know more about Fashion Week just check the last post.

Hudson Yards, NYC

It was an honour to be there on the New York Fashion Week! Thank you Danessa and James for having me and giving me this amazing opportunity!

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