Some people think, that one of those cities: Los Angeles or San Francisco, is the capitol of California State, but non of them is. This is … Sacramento. Not so big but very interesting city with a lot of things to see. If you can imagine, having just one day to visit Sacramento, what would be the most important amusement?

Sacramento, 2019

Capitol and history

While I was visiting Sacramento, Capitol was renovated so on the photographs you can see only the park, Supreme and Appeal Court and a State Library. Sacramento’s history is very inspiring. The city was one of the most known allocative spot during the gold rush in US. It was also an important stop on the Transcontinental Railway.

Court Appeal, Sacramento

Museums and festivals

Crocker Art Museum or California Automobile Museum are one of the most popular places. In June you can visit Sacramento for the French Film Festival or in September for Jazz Festival. You can also take a bike or just walk through the Old Sacramento District.

Old Sacramento

Old Sacramento

In Old Sacramento District there are houses from 50s or 60s. There is a lot souvenirs shops or restaurants where you can get crabs or other seafoods. Old Sacramento is near the river and close to the yellow Tower Bridge. You can also visit a Railroad Museum just near the district.

Sacramento, 2019

Yummy California Snacks

The thing I love about California is.. orange juice. And dates. California always was an agricultural state. And it was way before Hollywood and the industry. I think that freshly squeezed orange juice is the best what could happen to me in CA! The same story is with dates, which are incredibly fresh and sweet. In Old Sacramento District you can find a fresh market with those goodies.

dates and freshly squeezed orange juice

Did you know that the July in Sacramento is the most sunny month in the world? Well, it is. And there is about 106 F. It’s hot!

July in Sacramento

See you soon in New York and San Francisco! ⭐️

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