Happy New Year!

 2018 was amazing year! Full of new adventures and challenges. I was travelling a lot, meeting new people and gaining invaluable make-up experience. My work is my biggest passion?

I have a lot of 2018 memories and I would like to share them with you. Thank you all for being with me in 2018 and I wish you a Happy New Year!!

Let the 2019 be more than stunning ?

Artystyczna Alternatywa School of Make-up and Style, Kraków

⭐️2018 ⭐️

At school…

Always! I’am a make-up instructor so I am still going to school, but as a teacher – luckily! ☺️

Thanks to all my students and colleagues for amazing and supportive year. We have best team in Artystyczna Alternatywa ? My favourite 2018 make-up course was a make-up for maturity woman. It was amazing – I miss you guys!

Maturity Woman Make-up Course

… and the University!

This year I’ve had a great pleasure to create and lead a class program for the Jagiellonian University. The attendance is always copacetic. Can’t wait till our 2019 classes! ❤️

Jagiellonian University, Collegium Novum, Kraków

Workshops and other projects

Forum Mody

I love to lead make-up workshops for groups and individuals, who are not a professional make-up artists. Each time when I am doing this, I realise how interesting the make-up art can be for layman. In 2018 one of my favourite make-up meetings was event at Krakowskie Forum Mody  – this place is amazing and soooo inspiring?

Make-up Workshops – Forum Stylu, Kraków, fot. Olka Myszka

Centrum Kultury Podgórza…

Every woman should find a time for herself. Niedziela dla Rodzica is an amazing initiative from Centrum Kultury Podgórza. Every Sunday off, mums can take a free make-up workshops! I am pleased to be part of this project. ?

Centrum Kultury Podgórze, Niedziela dla Rodzica, Kraków

Individual workshops…

Wedding make-ups and individual workshops are the most challenging of all. ? But I love it!

Wedding make-up look, Fot. Jakub Żak

Ślub Pełen Miłości

2018 was a year full of different projects. I am sure you have already seen some of them, but some of them will be released soon. One of the most interesting was “Plan na Miłość” (‘Love Plan’) by Szlachetna Paczka and Ślub Pełen Miłości.  The movie from this make-up meeting will be available soon on my blog for you!❤️

Plan na Miłość

Writing or reading?

Writing a blog make me happy, but in 2018 I have read a lot of books. The book which is definitely my number one in 2018 is The Labyrinth of Spirits. I definitely recommend you to buy this amazing novel, written by Carlos Ruiz Zafon.

Book of the year 2018 – Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Time for reading or writing? Where it comes from? A lot of days in 2018 I have spent at the …airports. ☺️

In the clouds, golden hour

I love to travel but waiting at the airport, lasting many hours, can be exhausting for the organism, especially for the skin. It’s not my favourite thing, but what can I do? I spent a lot of hours waiting and waiting, sometimes more comfortable and less tired but sometimes…

San Francisco International Airport, #nomakeup

…well, you can imagine ?

Copenhagen Airport

Cinema Make-up School

It’s hard to make your dreams come true! One of the most important experience of the 2018 was studying at Cinema Make-up School – one of the best make-up school, placed in sunny Los Angeles. I promise I will be back some day to face the Hollywood industry!

Cinema Make-up School, Wilshire Theatre, #nomakeup

Cinema Make-up School

Make-up Team

While I was in U.S. I was working and studying, but the most exciting was working with Fou Fou Make-up Team. This is always so much fun! I love her professionalism, energy and smile!  ❤️

As you can see – a lot of duties! American food wasn’t better then polish but I truly fall in love with the american coffeeStarbucks is every corner and drinks are much cheaper than in Starbucks Polska), I love coffee refill at Denny’s ❤️

Denny’s Diners, Route 66 – #nomakeup

At the end, thanks to my “biggest” and supportive friend of the 2018 … My lovely kitten!  ?

Kot Bandyta

What do you think about my 2018? Did I make it right? What about yours 2018?


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